Hello everyone.

We attended EASE2016TOKYO, an international conference on science education, at the end of August. We created a learning material using Hayabusa 2 swing-by data and demonstrated it at Tokyo University of Science. Lots of researchers and students from Korea, China, Taiwan and so on visited our site and watched our lesson. Some of them asked me a question.

Because it is a material for high school students all over the world, we needed high school students on the site, but thank god, we found 3 nice smart girls to attend our lesson. We really appreciate them. They go to another Catholic school in Tokyo and they have the same kind of atmosphere as Shin-ai students do. So, it was pretty easy for me to teach them and enjoyed teaching even though we met for the first time.

We visited Tokyo Tech High School of Science and Technology on our way back. The science club of this school creates “Pythagora-Hayabusa 2”, a 3-D model which shows the mission of Hayabusa 2, every year. We have kept in touch since we met at the Astronomy Conference in March this year. Their research theme is Hayabusa 2 as well. They say they are going to use our data to build the“Pythagora-Hayabusa 2 2016 version”. Since they are pretty advanced, there are a lot for us to learn from them. We had a very good time. We appreciate their hospitality.

So far, we presented at an Astronomy Conference in March and EASE2016 but our project is not over yet. What’s coming next? See you until next time.

written by Susumu Yoshida

(This project is supported by Wakayama University and sponsored by JST)